On the first of January 2015, like every year, I was wondering which direction Raceism Event should develop. The first conversations with friends convinced me that the event should be completely different than others. It has to be razzle-dazzle, why everyone are waiting whole year. From which you would definitely require to your knees buckled while entering the building. The problem of selecting an object accidentally solved itself. To avoid the monotony we wanted to resign from the stadium where we have been meeting two years in a row. The manager of stadium came with the help. He said that stadium is already busy at this time. Quick reconnaissance convinced us it was the time to leave Wroclaw, which does not have a facility that could accommodate several hundred cars....http://raceism.com/raceism-event-2k15...

The following final results:
AUDI TT Wolfgang Meier – Lownatics (Germany) – TOP1
AUDI R8 Buni Seferi – BS-Carstyling (Swiss) – TOP2
AUDI A6 C6 MarcoProchaska – Lownatics (Germany) – TOP3
PORSCHE CAYMAN Mario Mattick – RAD48 (Germany) – TOP4
BMW F32 Łukasz Pająk – Raceism Clique (Poland) – TOP8
BMW E92M3 Philip Schlacher – BS-Carstyling (Austria) – TOP8
SCION FR-S Drull – Belly Rubbers (Belarus) – TOP8
MERCEDES W114 Andrew Webster – Sourkrauts (Germany) – TOP8
VW CORRADO Piotr Rdzewek – Dare Garage (Poland) – TOP16
PORSCHE PANAMERA Marcus Prösch – Dumped (Germany) – TOP16
BMW E34 Kamil Półtorak (Poland) – TOP16
NISSAN SKYLINE R33 Bartosz Maciej – Raceism Clique (Poland) – TOP16
BMW E23 Matthias Krenzer (Germany) – TOP16
HONDA CIVIC SI Jonas Michalski – Raceism Clique (Sweden) – TOP16
BMW E36 Jakub Tatara – Raceism Clique/Musk Customs (Poland) – TOP16
PORSCHE 997 – (Germany) – TOP16

Piotr Pończak | Tani drift- DRIFTER1
Radek Dąbrowski | Prodrift- DRIFTER2
Kacper Knapkiewicz | Musk Customs – DRIFTER3
Tomasz Piecuch | Driftfamilia / Slideunion- DRIFTER4
Paweł Bednarczyk | Project86- KISSTHEWALL Award


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